The World’s First
Below-Knee Assist 
To Help 
You Stand 
In The Shower.

The Navigator is a waterproof mobility aid designed specifically to help you navigate the shower and your living space with safety, confidence, and independence!

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Stand Tall and Feel Confident in the Shower

Embrace your feelings of safety and security in the elements of the shower with this supportive device that allows you to stand tall and wash your residual limb in the shower!

Perfect for Traveling on the Go - Freedom to Go Where You Please

Never fear being subjected to unsanitary or unknown conditions like hotel bath tubs ever again! 

The Navigator is easily taken apart and able to be put in a small bag, allowing you to have a shower device that is compactible so that you can bring it with you on trips or wherever you go.

Get Wet, Get Clean, and Don't Ever Worry 

The waterproof materials in The Navigator mean that you can finally take a shower without worrying about rust or ruining your prosthesis! 

Designed with YOU in Mind - The Navigator is Lightweight and Pain Free

The Navigator is super light, and has a comfortable padding, making it pain-free and easy to Navigate with! You can be comfortable using  the device as a tool to better your life without extra effort.

The Navigator is Hassle-Free, Simple, and Easy to Use

You will be up and mobile in no time with The Navigator. It is easy to adjust and fine tune The Navigator to your specific limb, height, and size! The Navigator is designed with an open socket so you can wash your residual limb in the shower.

Security in an Arms Reach

The Navigator saves you time, and makes life easier in your home, especially in the morning or at night when you need to use the bathroom. Just grab the device and do what you need to do!

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount on The Navigator by signing up now!